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Helping Hands Foundation Nepal was established in 2009 with a vision of linking foreign volunteers and Nepalese people. Our purpose is to bring smiles to both the visitors and the local people. We assist volunteers to find a work in the various community projects in Nepal through our partner organizations and also by directly contacting the social institutions. We focus mainly on underprivileged children and their education. The vision that guides HHF is to support the work of local community in their effort of achieving such basic living standards such as primary health care, basic education, and maintaining a minimum level of environmental and personal hygiene.

We also work on the placement of the foreign volunteers with organizations such as orphanages, and in the homes of the Nepali families. Many foreign volunteers immensely enjoy staying with the Nepali families and working with the community. On the other hand, the host family also gets to learn immensely from their guests about education, health, and culture.