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HHF has been helping out and supporting needy children as well as those who are orphans. You can also participate and contribute in this purpose by becoming a sponsor. At present, the sponsorship program is towards the children education. Your contributions will surely go to making the positive changes in the lives of these helpless children and restoring their future. The targeted group for such sponsorship is basically for the children who are orphaned, financially very poor, from schedule caste families (the ‘untouchable’ class), girl child or from underprivileged groups & handicapped physically or mentally. Anyone who’s interested is encouraged. Once sponsorship program begins, all the info/details of the sponsored child will be forwarded and such fund usually covers all educational needs of the children like admission & examination fees, Uniform/shoes/school bags, stationery and other school supplies.

‘HHF’ also has the option of sponsoring deprived families in Nepal. Such families are quite a lot in Nepal where the main bread-earner is not more living or has left the family. The main objective of such sponsorship is to support the dependent family to simplify their lives by educating their children, giving food and covering other expenses to raise the children.

Bank Details:

Swift Code: GLBBNPKA

Further Credit to: A/C No: 0108010006431 (Customer a/c no.)

Name: Helping Hands Foundation (Customer Name)


For euro transfer

IBAN No: DE14512305000018188406

Format for US Dollars fund transfer to Helping Hands Foundation

Pay to: American Express Bank Limited Floor 23rd Floor

3WFC, 200, Versey Streets

New York, NY


Swift Code: AEIBUS33

Credit to : A/C No: 000755348

Global Bank Limited Nepal

Swift Code: GLBBNPKA

Further Credit to: A/C No: 0108010006431 (Customer a/c no)

Name: Helping Hands Foundation (Customer Name)