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Volunteer Coordinator in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal is an immensely popular way to add a great cause to your holidays. Hundreds of volunteers come to Nepal every year. Most of the volunteers coming to Nepal are the students doing their internship. Others are those who want to make their holidays worthwhile including the recently graduated school students. The volunteers not only come here for learning and adventure, but they also help to promote the country’s local food, culture, language, tradition, as well as goods and ideas to the wider world.

Each volunteer is provided a placement inside the Kathmandu Valley or outside according to their requirements. Another reason for people volunteering in Nepal is to develop a link with Nepal and send in more other volunteers in future days to work in community programs.

The Volunteer Coordinator looks after all-volunteer program management, logistics, and mobilization. The coordinator may interview, inform, train, and place the volunteers at the most appropriate site. The Coordinator also helps developing strategies and programs for the smooth functioning of the project. Our main objective is to promote the rural parts of Nepal by assisting the volunteers to find a great cause.

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Volunteer Coordinator in Nepal