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Teaching in Deaf School in Nepal

As anywhere in the world, Nepal has a deaf and disabled community. However, the deaf-education system is very underdeveloped; there are only very few teachers/deaf educators who are also under-trained in deaf-education & sign language or there are no teachers at all. Most deaf-students have the education level of up till 5 grade only. Individuals/Deaf educators fluent in sign-language are welcome to contribute including volunteers without signing abilities. They also can help out in this project. They will work directly with these schools or through programs in order to enhance the educational facilities and further extend bright opportunities for the Deaf community in Nepal.

Project Info

Your role as a volunteer: As a volunteer working in a deaf school, you will basically teach English as well as reading & writing skills to deaf children. Your role is to uplift the overall standing of the deaf-education in Nepal and input them the leadership skills as well as boost their social self-sufficiency.

Required Skills or Qualification: the Basic requirement is fluency in sign-language skills to tutor the deaf children effortlessly. However, those with little to no knowledge of sign-language are also welcome to join into help-out.

Location of the project: Teaching in deaf-schools projects is available inside Kathmandu. Kathmandu is a lively city and also the capital of Nepal; it’s the prominent tourist-destination too, where modernity & traditional culture have blended together perfectly which can be seen in places like Patan, Bhaktapur, Thamel etc. During free time volunteers are free to explore the city where a choice of restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs, shopping centers, cyber-cafes can be located almost anywhere nowadays.

Orientation & Language classes: An option of a week’s long orientation class related to the language & culture of the Nepalese society can also be obtained to understand the country & the people much better as well as to make things easier. This class is intended to provide necessary & basic language skills, cultural knowledge plus safety & security tips before you can actually start-up your assignment.

Accommodation & Supervision: During the project period volunteers will stay at our hostel. A separate room will be provided but you need to share the bathroom, kitchen, restroom. Our field-staff will pay a visit once every 2 weeks.

After your arrival, you will stay at our hostel in Kathmandu and also during the orientation & language class. The hostel is located in a prime location in Kathmandu and easily accessible to most parts of the city. We have our own cook and a Nepali meal (close to Indian food and include wheat bread, rice, curry, dal, chapatti, pickle) will be served. During your host family stay, they will provide you the daily food.

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Teaching in Deaf School in Nepal

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