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Disabled & Rehabilitation Center in Nepal

Having a physical disability doesn’t mean that one has to live an isolated life. People with physical disabilities can work as efficiently as normal people with Rehabilitation therapy. But in rural Nepal, being a physically challenged person is still seen as a curse resulting from the sins of the previous life.

However, even in Nepal, many physically challenged people have proved that given the right sort of training and rehabilitation therapy, they can prove an equally competent member of the society, besides enjoying a more fulfilling life. Especially, in the Kathmandu Valley and in some urban centers, people are beginning to see the physically challenged people not as completely disabled but as “differently-abled”.

As a volunteer working at the Rehabilitation Centre, you work with children with physical disabilities. The children receive corrective surgery and other medical intervention to make them as normal as possible. For such therapies, children need to spend a long time at the Centre. Most of the parents are so poor that the children do not have any family support as the parents can not afford to leave their work. Working with and for these God’s lesser children, many volunteers realized that their own life had been worthwhile.

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Disabled & Rehabilitation Center in Nepal