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Local events organized to raise funds as well as giving out some profile of our work can be most impacting and valuable. This way both parties, you & us, can have a double benefit i.e. have fun and at the same time raise money. If your hobby includes running, swimming, you can call us up and go ahead with the sponsorship. This will eventually help you in collecting funds on our behalf and that also doing what you do best and love to do. There are many such ideas like organize jumble sales or film nights for your friends – so why not do it for ‘HHF’ this time. We shall be pleased to help you out and also equip you with specific info, pictures or even brochures if possible. Some of such possible idea can be as follows:

– Organizing a walk with each kilometer sponsored by family or friends.
– Organizing a ‘Nepal Day’ at school with an entrance fee and with info, pictures, handicrafts from Nepal.
– Plan a ‘red socks’ day at office or school by donating $2 per person wearing the socks.

We shall be glad to talk about and plan with you; just contact us through our email or by phone. If you have already accomplished such events then the raised fund can be easily transferred to us; please do ask for details. If you prefer ‘credit card transfer’ then the same can also be arranged.