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Join the Nepal Earthquake Relief and Rebuilding Volunteers Program.

The recent earthquake in Nepal has had a devastating impact on both life and buildings in Nepal. The scale of destruction is unimaginable and even now the team on the ground reports of continuing tremors that can be felt in the areas. The loss suffered by the people of Nepal is incalculable and it may be several weeks and even months before actual rebuilding and restoration may begin. However the need of the hour is the provision of basic necessities such as drinking water, food, clothing, medicines and makeshift accommodation to the thousands displaced by this horrific catastrophe. This volunteer program in Kathmandu, Dhading, Gorkha, Nuwakot district in Nepal needs international volunteers to help the people of Nepal.

How to apply:
Please submit your application using online application form. Once your application is accepted, we will provide Volunteer Information and other details to help you to prepare to come Nepal.