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Our sole mission is to create conducive environment for the children who are orphaned or overlooked by the society as well as making life better in the rural front & for the deprived communities, utilizing the skills, knowledge & commitment of all the volunteers engaged regardless of being involved locally or internationally for the mutual benefit of both.


• Provide better education & health care for poor, underprivileged & orphaned children including creating a favorable environment for them.

• Organizing health-camps at various locations for poor, disadvantaged & neglected communities.

• Assist on the rescue & relieve for targeted communities affected by a natural calamity.

• Consult & follow up nationally or internationally with the people interested in working as a volunteer in operation of such schools, hospitals or health-camps.

• Help out in social works and welfares of the schools, temples, shrines, gompas recognizing the spiritual beliefs & concerns of each community existing in society.

• Allocate various facilities & conveniences for the rural communities.

• Assist in eliminating pollution & environmental deterioration and building up an ecological balance with a clean & green environment.

• Work towards creating public awareness against the effect on human society due to the environmental deterioration and the relationship between the environment & the entire human society including all the living creatures.

• Equip rural communities with information on various subjects like science, environment, agriculture, livestock, health, natural disasters, market inspection & control, sports & entertainment, family planning as well as execute training programs.

• Run various programs on personal development & grooming for the students residing in rural areas.

• Organize blood donations programs.