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Why with Us

The answer is very simple ‘because we care’, not only the children but all the volunteers too who are parts of this generous mission and ultimately in creating a world of opportunities for these unfortunate children. Moreover, all our attempts are always towards their improvements, in making them a responsible citizen of the society with a promising future. On top, some of the below are the additional reasons for selecting our organization for your next volunteering assignment.

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Our Testimonial

Best experience in Nepal with HHF

On the 18th of August, I flight to Kathmandu, to integrate the Special needs Care Project, by the organization HHF Nepal.
In the firsts days, I met the other volunteers and some Nepalese people that helped me how to live there and with other problems I had; 2 days later I got to know my homestay that was super friendly! The best part was finally the first day of a volunteer!

The project was really good, and to someone that wants something different this project, it’s perfect for that, however not going to lie… you would need a lot of energy from the first day till the end! My volunteer placement was 20 min walking from my homestay, I and another volunteer went every day by walking with kids to the school.

I came to Nepal thinking that maybe I could change a little bit the world well that it’s almost impossible in 3 weeks, but I can say for sure, I change my world and definitely my vision about life. I came to help, but I feel that I receive more, then give. My perspective of life it’s so different, I give more value for the simple little things, like for example having a family and home… and especially to live happily even with less. That was some of the lessons that I learned with the kids of the school. Most of them were orphans and lived in houses with low conditions; they almost didn’t have anything comparing with us… but u know what?! They always had a smile on their faces.



Program : Teaching in School and Homestay

My first oversea volunteer experience

HHF is a very organized organization and has been very supportive during my stay in Nepal. It is a life rewarding experience for me and I am definitely will recommend to all of my family and friends. I worked in a pre school during my time at the school which I was mainly responsible for teaching English and math and help with home works. I have also did a paper fold lesson and we have made some very pretty butterflies and I was so pride of myself when I see the kids were carry the butterfly and running outside. On the last day, we bought some stationeries for the class. I handed out each kids a pencil and an eraser. And the smile on their face is one thing I would never forget in my life. They are so simple and innocent. I watched them and deeply felt how lucky I am to know them and to experience this.


Hong Kong

Program : Teaching English in Community School

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