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Sponsor a child in Nepal

Nepal is considered one of the developing and poor countries in the world. The annual per-capita income of Nepalese comes to around US$300 and the illiterate population is more than 40%. Because of the low-income, a huge section of parents are not capable to send their children to school, as a result children are deprived of even the basic education and most of them even have to go through difficult physical-labor from a very tender age. Furthermore, people living in rural communities/villages are basically uneducated, so have less priority for education and can’t recognize the importance of education too.

Therefore, with an idea & initiative ‘HHF’ has initiated a program in which even a small contributions, be it form of money or any other materials, are collected to support these children. This program is intended to benefit these children directly and their parents as a whole. In fact parents play a vital role for their children’s better education as usually children stay at home and even if school has to be attended, which will be around 5-6 hours only, they are back home again. ‘HHF’ approaches these children and their parents and enlightens them the importance of good-education. There are numerous such children who have stopped their schools due to financial crisis. It’s just the simple ‘lend a hand’ program which is only possible through external-support and anyone interested in making small contributions which can be anything from funds, books or other learning materials, supplies etc.

What kinds of children need this sponsorship?
Under Nepal children sponsorship program, ‘HHF’ primarily intends to support those children who are:
– Financially very poor
– From schedule caste families (the ‘untouchable’ class)
– Orphans
– Girl child (Traditionally in rural communities, girl’s education is discouraged & neglected)
– From underprivileged groups & handicapped physically or mentally.

Is there any process to select these children for sponsorship?
A selection committee decides on and chooses the children who are in need of such sponsorship. Basically this committee comprise of:
1. VDC (Village Development Committee) Chairman/ ward Chairman
2. Local teachers & headmasters
3. Representatives from ‘HHF’.

Who can participate in this program?
All of those interested including local people as well as overseas individuals, organizations/donor agencies are strongly encouraged for their active involvement in this program.

What will I get after sponsoring a child?
‘HHF’ will assist on collecting children photos & biographical information plus forwarding related information & details to the potential-sponsors. Representatives from ‘HHF’ will be in regular contact with the children, their schools and their parents; they will also collect children’s progress reports and sending copies to their sponsors. During birthdays, New Year or Christmas, they shall help children to make greeting cards for their sponsors.

How much fund is required?
‘HHF’ anticipates a long-term commitment as such sponsorships programs is for the betterment of these children so that they can build their future more securely. A minimum of two years of sponsoring the children is expected. Thus, a sum of money around US$20 (or more) per month for each student can be sufficient. To being the sponsorship, first ‘HHF’ selects the children and forward their photos along with detailed information. After receiving these, the sponsor will decide on which child to support and after the confirmation of the sponsored child and transfer of the first monthly donation, the sponsorship will be effected immediately.

Where does my money go?
The fund covers the child’s Admission & examination fees, Uniform/shoes/school bags, stationery and other school supplies.

Can I meet my sponsored child?
Of course, and meeting your sponsored child can be the most heartwarming experience. You can come anytime and get together with your sponsored child as well as observe their improved condition.

Whom should I contact to be a sponsor?
Kindly contact ‘HHF’ at our email address hhfnepal@gmail.com and we shall be willing to assist at all times.

Money can be transferred through bank-transfers; ‘HHF’ will provide the further details/bank account number. Transferring every six months or once a year can save money on bank fees and most sponsors prefer this way.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Sponsor a child in Nepal